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Canon's Lastest 1.4x III & 2.0x III Extenders

April 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Need some extra reach to get those amazing images?  Is a longer, more effective focal range lens not in your budget?  Already have that BIG lens but it still leaves you wanting more reach?  These are all real world problems that we all face. Maybe considering a teleconverter might be an answer to get you the reach you desire.

We're a huge advocate of using the right tools to get the job done.  We've used Canon's 1.4x II and 2.0x II in the past with only acceptable performance from the 1.4x II model.  The 2.0x II always left us with mixed results and image quality not on par with what we were willing to work with.

We have since updated and continue to use Canon's latest 1.4x III (version 3) teleconverters on a number of our lenses.  We have had great success with this particular model on our EF 600 II, EF 100-400 II, EF 70-200 II.  Performance is great with each of these lenses and we continue to use these extenders on a daily basis with very satisfactory results.

However, as a previous owner of Canon's EF 2.0x II (version 2) teleconverter, I can honestly say it made a better paperweight than providing quality images.  Since this time, Canon has developed a newer teleconverter known as EF 2.0x III (version 3). The biggest improvement has been in the optical quality from the original predecessor, but more importantly is the added benefit of electrical controls built in to the extenders that give it many improved features as well.    

Most noticeable improvements:

- Much sharper overall, especially in the corners

- Slightly better contrast
- Less CA in the corners
- Faster auto focus






At first glance looking through the viewfinder we noticed an improved light transference as it offered a bright, clear view through the lens combination. We especially noticed that there was a huge increase in auto focus speed over the version II and it seemed to lock onto subjects with much more ease.  Initial test results on the older Canon 1Dx left us impressed with the upgrade from Canon.

As word of the new 1Dx II continues to grow and field tests are now trickling in, there have been a number of reports of some enhanced features of the new camera and long lenses.  Especially those that are used with teleconverters.  Our main reason for testing this latest 2x III telecoverter is that when it is coupled with our EF 600 II f4 L super telephoto lens, we will have an effective focal range of 1200 mm to work with.  More importantly is that the new 1Dx II offers the flexibility of F8 autofocus at ALL focal points with a large number of them being cross-point.  This is a game changer in the long lens and higher aperture arena.  With the extra reach, improved AF and improved image quality it was something we needed to start testing.

The initial test proved that there had been some major improvements from the previous version.  In this image we captured the image with our original 1Dx version I along with our EF 600 II f4 L IS coupled with the new EF 2.0x III.  Let's just say we were pleased with the results and can't wait to give it a test run on the new 1Dx II in the coming weeks.


Apr8-Bluewinged-TealBlue-winged TealShoot at 1200 mm Canon 1Dx - EF 600 II w/ 2.0x III Teleconverter


And remember... 
Life is short... so go make some images to remember the journey along the way!



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