Session Preparation - (for pets, portraits & seniors)
How should I prepare for my session?

Children do best when they are well rested and fed. Their “normal routine” may be broken for a few hours and that is okay. Having snacks available and taking time for additional breaks will be okay as well.

Avoid sunburns and excessive tanning. Tan lines show up on camera. If possible, stay out of the sun for a few days before your session. A little color is good, but too much can be detrimental. Even with digital retouching, we cannot change the redness from sunburn.

Glasses can cause distortion to your face and glare may occur from either our lighting or from natural lighting. Check with your Optician about removing your lenses or possibly borrowing a pair of frames without lenses that match your frames. If you wear contacts, these do not present any problems.

Makeup should be fresh and slightly heavier than normal. Matte finishes work best. Bring powder and lip gloss for touch ups.

If possible, avoid a haircut right before a portrait session. It’s best to wait a week. Guys, make sure to be clean shaven as stubble shows, unless this is the look you want.

Please feel free to bring any props or special heirloom for your session. We invite you to personalize your session with things like musical instruments, sports equipment or uniforms, car or truck, etc.

What should we wear to a session?

Simple is best. Although polka dots, wide stripes and other patterns are fun, they don’t usually photograph well. Logos and character shirts tend to be distracting. Anything is acceptable as long as you are comfortable wearing it. If you’re not sure, bring a few different outfits that we can choose from on the day of your session. A few suggestions are outlined below.

For newborns …

Newborns, which are best photographed before they are 2 weeks old, should wear little to no clothing as it tends to look bulky. Some suggestions could be a cute hat, onesie, a diaper with a cute cover, wrapped in blanket or au-natural. Parents, please bring along black long sleeve shirts for yourselves. Have diaper loose to eliminate unsightly red marks on skin. Please make the area warmer, around 80 degrees for the babies!

For babies, kids & individuals…

Bright bold colors, neutral tones or solid colored clothing with a nice texture always photographs beautifully. In winter months, layers add interest and depth to an image. Older babies could also wear a onesie, sleeper, special outfit for holiday or just a pair of shorts and a cute hat (depending on weather of course).

For families & couples…

Try to choose similar tones and fabrics. Steer clear of clashing patterns and colors. Try to coordinate rather than match. While clothing can make or break an image, we still want the focus to be on you, as a family, and not on your clothing! Example: Mom or daughter could wear a patterned dress while everyone else wears colors that coordinate with the colors in her dress.

Don’t forget the accessories! Hair, makeup, shoes (or barefoot), knitted hats, scarves, jewelry, etc…ALL are really important.