Copyright Laws


What is Copyright? If I own the negatives, do I also own the Copyright?

Copyright is, literally, the “right to copy” a specific work and copyright is owned solely by the originator of the work from the moment of its creation. That means that MH PhotoDesigns, LLC owns the exclusive copyright of all the images. While we offer digital negatives, this does not release the copyright – only a license. This means that while the images can be reproduced by a quality, professional lab, they are still the sole property of MH PhotoDesigns, LLC.

About Copyright Violation:

Copyright violation, while often unintentional, is something we take very seriously. Violation includes, but is not limited to, copying images from a website, printing images for publication, scanning and printing images that have not been rightfully purchased, or bringing a CD of released images to a non-pro lab to reproduce. Violation of copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you know of an establishment that is illegally copying professional work, please let us know.


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