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Ever wanted to make that next BIG lens purchase but just weren't sure what to get?  Have you ever wondered how one lens performs over another you may have had your eye on?


Well we wanted to share a site that I have used as reference for a number of years to compare lenses in actual image quality before I made the decision to push that BUY button.  We've done A LOT of research over the years before buying all of our lenses in our current arsenal of gear.


Lens Lineup ComparisonsLens Lineup Comparisons


A few years ago we made our first BIG purchase. It was Canon's EF 300 f2.8 L IS and I can't begin to tell you how long I did research on it. But after reading all the reviews I could find, I decided that it would likely fit within my budget and most importantly it would preform to my expectations for what I was looking for.  At the time it was the sharpest lens in the Canon lineup and it would give us a great focal length to start with.  It also worked extremely well with a 1.4x converter, giving us up to 420 mm of focal range to work with. Over time we continued to add more and more lenses and they continued to get more and more expensive.  We can't stress enough... do your homework, try one out if you can, maybe even rent one if you're just unsure, but always remember the lens is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your setup and will outlast any camera body for many, many years if you buy one that will allow you to grow with it.


Canon EF 300mm f2.8 L ISCanon EF 300mm f2.8 L IS




If you want a great resource to compare some lenses in a side by side comparison on a chart with images, just click on this link.  

Digital Picture Website - Camera & Lens Reviews

***  Be sure to check out the TOOLS section and the Lens Image Quality comparison tool  ***

It's interesting to play around with different lenses, aperture settings and with and without extenders

to compare all the choices of one lens against another.



Lens Comparison ChartLens Comparison Chart




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