Meet the Great Grey Owl

March 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In the far north reaches of northern Minnesota lies the Sax-Zim Bog.  A tranquil and peaceful area that is home to many different critters in the winter months. We've traveled to this area a few times now and have been lucky enough to see the what some call "The Phantom of the North".  No they're not scary, but the Great Grey Owls are mystical by nature.  To be lucky enough to come across one of them in the wild is absolutely magical.  

December Projects 2015-016December Projects 2015-016


As we search for them throughout the bog area, they just seem content with our presence as we come upon their place in nature.  They seem to just go about their business looking for their next meal along the ditches of the forest where they perch high in the trees allowing them a good view of the hunting grounds below. Every now and again they stop and pause to give you a look as if they are telling you it's okay to share in this moment.  

December Projects 2015-012December Projects 2015-012


On our last visit to the bog we got all our still images captured that we wanted and decided to turn on the video recorder so we could bring some of the magic we feel back for all of you to enjoy. So, for your magical enjoyment we invite you to view this magical creature in action. Hope you enjoy!


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