MH PhotoDesigns Photography Gear - Part II

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As we previously had shared our tripod of choice for our main rig we also wanted to also mention that we both shoot from a tripod when conditions call for it. 



We have a Gitzo Series 2 Mountaineer GT2541 Carbon Fiber Tripod with a Really Right Stuff BH-40 LR Ball Head.


Gitzo 2541 Carbon Fiber Tripod w/ Really Right Stuff BH-40 LR BallheadGitzo 2541 Carbon Fiber Tripod w/ Really Right Stuff BH-40 LR Ballhead



With this setup we also have a Wimberly WH-200 Gimbal Head that we primarily use for birds in flight and other special applications.  This head provides maximum fluid motion and stability for those hard to get shots.


Wimberly WH-200 Gimbal HeadWimberly WH-200 Gimbal Head




How many times do you find yourself messing around with leg adjustments trying to get your gear level?  Or do you just say "it's good enough" and try shooting from a non level platform?  

Well by doing that you take away many of the advantages of having a gimbal head in the first place.  They work best in a leveled position with them set to work with the camera/lens combo that you are using.  Special attention needs to be made to the way you initially set them up for each particular camera/lens combo.  Please take the time to accurately get things right.  It will make a difference in your ability to track moving subjects effectively.  Here is where a leveling base can help.


What is a leveling base you ask? 

A leveling base on your tripod is the perfect foundation for gimbal heads, pano gear and even ballheads. Each RRS leveling base offers ±15° of leveling capability and locks solidly with just a twist. Choose a leveling base with a flat platform for direct mounting of a tripod head. Or choose a leveling base with a clamp if you want quick-change convenience for multiple tripod heads on the same tripod.


Here are the (2) leveling bases we use.  The one on the left is a custom one specifically for the  Really Right Stuff tripod we use and the other is a universal model for other makes of tripods out there.  Both offer quick release levers for secure mounting and quick change outs between gear and I believe are a much need accessory to help maximize performance of your shooting ability.

Really Right Stuff - TA-3-LK-HK Leveling Base  (LEFT)

Really Right Stuff - TA-U-LB Leveling Base  (RIGHT)











We end up shooting in many weather conditions so it is important to be ready for just about anything.  Since we don't just get to shoot when the weather is nice we protect our gear with Storm Jacket PRO Covers.  These covers offer us a compact, easy to store solution for protection against the inclement weather.  They have various models to choose from but we choose the the PRO series models as they offer a velcro slot in the bottom allowing you to leave your camera rig mounted to a tripod or monopod.  They make a nice addition to any gear bag!


Storm Jacket Gear CoversStorm Jacket Gear Covers




Well, as you can see there is a lot that goes into the gear that we need to begin producing some of the high quality images that we strive to create.  Like everything, it is good to have a backup plan.  By having some of the gear we have, it allows us many options on how we want to shoot.  Having multiple items, some with different purposes, allows us the opportunity to change up the gear we use and how we want to capture the images in that particular situation.


And remember... 
Life is short... so go make some images to remember the journey along the way!


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